MOX Messaging Service and Actual State Database


This project contains an implementation of the OIO object model, used as a standard for data exchange by the Danish government, for use with a MOX messaging queue.

You can find the current MOX specification here:

As an example, you can find the Organisation hierarchy here:

In each installation of MOX, it is possible to only enable some of the hierarchies, but we provide the following four OIO hierarchies by default:

  • Klassifikation

  • Sag

  • Dokument

  • Organisation


The official location for the documentation is:

Please note that as a convention, all shell commands have been prefixed with a dollar-sign, or $, representing a prompt. You should exclude this when entering the command in your terminal.


This is a technical guide. It is split in two:

User documentation

Contains documentation for the REST API and setup documentation. You are not expected to have a profound knowledge of the system as such, but you do have to know your way in a Bash prompt — you should be able to change the Apache or Nginx configuration and e.g. disable or change the SSL certificate on your own.

Developer documentation

Contains documentation for developers of the mox codebase and building and testing instructions.


The MOX messaging queue, including the ActualState database, as found in this project is free software. You are entitled to use, study, modify and share it under the provisions of Version 2.0 of the Mozilla Public License as specified in the LICENSE file. The repository is compliant with version 3.0 of the REUSE Specification.

This software was developed by Magenta ApS. For feedback, feel free to open an issue in the GitHub repository.

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